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Project Description
A Windows-based email solution, including an MSA and an MTA.

The real purpose of this project is to have a well-defined problem that I can use to help me learn about Test-Driven Design. I took the appropriate RFCs from the IETF and began translating them into unit tests.

The idea is that these "seed" unit tests should drive many more "derived" unit tests. When those unit tests pass and duplication has been removed, I should be left with the simplest possible SMTP solution that could work, at least that's what I'm told the koolaid is supposed to taste like. We'll see if I'm still drinking it when this little experiment is done. =)

I am also trying to learn about Continuous Integration. I've setup a TeamCity server at, though I haven't enabled anonymous access, so that's not going to do you much good. Where's the CI tracking functionality on codeplex??

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